Quality Clauses for Hardware Vendors


1.         CERTIFICATIONS:  Supplier shall provide a “Certification of Compliance” that material and/or articles meet all provisions of this Purchase Order. Certifications must accompany each production release delivered against this purchase order and must contain as a minimum the following:


·          Purchase Order Number.

·          Part number (must include the part’s drawing number).

·          A statement that the material conforms to the applicable specifications.

·       A statement that conformance test reports and/or inspection records are on file,  

                             subject to examination at your facility or at the point of manufacture.

·          Signature of authorized agent, and title.


2.   INSPECTION SYSTEM:  Unless otherwise specified on the face of this purchase order, the Supplier shall have an adequate inspection system for maintaining control of materials/products fabricated/manufactured in their facility. Calibration procedures must meet, as a minimum, the requirements of ISO 17025 or ANSI Z-540. Supplier’s inspection system may be periodically audited by DEXTER DESIGN personnel and/or by its customers.


3.   DELIVERABLE ITEMS: Articles or materials shall be manufactured or produced in accordance with applicable blueprints and/or specifications. Deviations may be made only by written amendment to the purchase order when authorized by DEXTER DESIGN’s Material Review board.  Existing deviated material may only be shipped after receiving written authorization from DEXTER DESIGN.  A copy of the authorization must be attached to the shipment.


4.   ESCAPMENT NOTIFICATION: Supplier shall notify DEXTER DESIGN within 48 hours in writing of any nonconforming product when detected after delivery, including the DEXTER DESIGN PO and any applicable lot or batch numbers.



5.   PRESERVATION AND PACKAGING REQUIREMENTS: Unless otherwise specified, the Supplier shall maintain controls to assure the accomplishment of preservation, packaging, arid shipping requirements of this order. The use of best commercial practices shall not relieve the Supplier of responsibility for packaging in a manner   that   will ensure receipt at DEXTER DESIGN in an acceptable condition.


6.   RECORDS: Supplier shall maintain all manufacturing, inspection and test records for at least minimum of (10) years after the date of shipment to DEXTER DESIGN.  These records must be legible, readily identifiable, easily retrievable and stored in a manner to protect them from any potential damage. Supplier shall also establish the means to disposition any non-conforming records.  DEXTER DESIGN will have the right of access by the organization, their customer, and regulatory authorities to all facilities involved in the order and to all applicable records.


7.   CHANGE CONTROL:  DEXTER DESIGN must be notified of any changes that affect an approved part or process, prior to the implementation of the change. 


8.   CHANGE OF OWNERSHIP, LOCATION AND/OR QUALITY SYSTEM:  Supplier shall notify DEXTER DESIGN in writing, if there is a change of ownership, location and/or quality system.  This notification should be given as early as possible, before the changes are implemented.


9.   MATERIAL CONTROL: Supplier shall furnish the shelf life of material and current expiration date of shipment lot/batch on the material certification.  All material supplied to DEXTER DESIGN must have, at least, 75% of shelf life remaining.